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Default Re: Help with some speakers

Originally Posted by bob saget
Thanks guys

yea thanks einstein, haha, i kind of figured i can make sound come out of them.

I didnt know what the red + black meant though.

Would I need (have to have) a reciever? is there anything else I could use?
Yes and no. Generally when someone mentions a reciever, they are talking about a device that can tune in stations, input various types of connections, and an amplifier which is used to output the sound. Any device that can amplify the sound would work, like a reciever, a car radio, an amplifier, or a Hifi speaker system. (Basically all the same thing) Generally a reciever is usually what someone buys because it is the most common item for home use. You can buy just an amplifier, but chances are you can get a reciever with all of the extras for not a lot more and it is easier to find.

Let's say you wanted to use them with your computer. You would need to hook up some type of output to get the sound to them, the most common is the 3.5mm headphone jack. The signal needed to produce the sound is there, but it is a very low power signal. (Somewhere around 3W or less) For those speakers to be able to reproduce sound, they need more power in order to move the magnet in them. So you would hook up the computer to some type of amplifier, which will take the signal and make it stronger. The amplifier outputs a strong enough signal to the speakers to move the magnets properly and produce the sound. The biggest thing is making sure that you don't give them too much power or it will blow the speakers.

Hope some of that helps.
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