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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit
Honestly, I haven't even touched the XBLA, though a friend did give me a few of those gamer point cards and I downloaded a handful of Southpark episodes. The media stuff is XBL's strongest advantage over the PSN in my opinion.

The PSN has a ton of demos too, including many for games that haven't even been released yet. Several of the arcade games on PSN blow away XBLA too. Compare Super Stardust HD to its 360 competitor, Geometry Wars, for example. Although, admittedly, the XBLA does have a MUCH larger selection.
A much larger selection? We are comparing the 7 listed for PSN

to XBLA's 70+

As for demo's for games that have not been released, XBL does that too.

The simple fact of the matter is that the PS3 only has a large selection of games if you count the PS1/PS2 ones. In the right here and now, the made for PS3 game selection is pretty small. Assuming the release rate for games for the PS3 and the 360 stays the same, the PS3 will get a large collection but will always lag behind the 360. Of course you can say quality over quantity, but I can say all the ps3 games are crap as easily as you can say the ones for the 360 are.
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