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Default Re: Incoming Chinese HD DVD players confirmed

Originally Posted by shabby
I have a couple 1080i transport streams and compare them to the 1080p hddvd movies. Theres really no need to argue about it because you cant tell me that im wrong if i see a difference.
I'm trying to tell if you are seeing a difference due to different sources or actual 1080i/p differences.

HD DVD's are 1080p.... so what HD DVD player with 1080p output are you using?

A real test is to use a Toshiba XA2, with one movie, and switch it's output from 1080i/p back and forth to a given TV. You will see no difference.

Comparing some stream to a movie on a disc is meaningless as you are comparing different material which is not objective. What you are failing to realize is that an SXRD displays 1080p PERIOD, regardless of whether the input is i/p.
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