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Default Re: Incoming Chinese HD DVD players confirmed

Originally Posted by shabby
Regular dvd's are also displayed as 1080p on the sxrd yet they look like ****, dont assume I wont see a difference alright.

Can you not answer the question? It's OK to be wrong. You're comparing a 480p source, completely irrelevant.

Do you have a 1080p HD DVD player? Have you used the SAME HD DVD DISC, and outputted 1080i/p and noted any differences?

Graphics in games etc, all opinion, I know. This subject however has no room for opinion as the FACT is an SXRD will show zero difference when fed a 1080i/p signal from the SAME SOURCE AND MEDIA. When you say a DVD looks like **** it's THE DVD, not the fact that it's interlaced or progressive. You're digging a hole for yourself and just looking stupid here. The only way to compare 1080i versus 1080p is to use ONE player, ONE disc, and ONE TV. Then switch output mode on the player. This way you have eliminated all other sources of disparity such as encode, native format, player differences etc.

What would you say the difference would be between a 1080p feed to a 1080p TV... and a 1080i feed deinterlaced by a 1080p TV would be shabby? One hint: nothing.
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