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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Those who could not tank went fury.
Sorry to have to throw an aside in, but I've run into warriors, and I've run into warriors. Two of the best tanks I have known which were in my former guild, one was fury spec, and the other a combination of fury/proc until he went full proc having joined a raiding guild a few months ago. The second person here, is who I went to for a BM run to finish kara attunement, after a dire time getting a PuG together for it. He brought a healer from his kara team, and mage from his guild along; and it was one of the smothest runs I've had, let along in black morass.

Then I knew someone who switched specs (if he was fury he made the excuse 'duh I can't tank..." and if proc, made excuses for losing PvP). He spent 50% of the time targeting other players (which we acquired through CT raid assist), and 1/4 the time targeting the sheep and other random targets. As he'd switch, of course all the range guys weren't happy, everyone asked why he kept targeting other players. And when the realm MT in guild was around, he'd routinely pull agro off him, but then couldn't hold it.

I must say, some do seem clueless. One fury spec warrior in a BRD run my rogue alt was going through (at lvl 61) insisted he cant' tank because he "can't" even have sunder armor. I was like "well why don't you buy it?" It ended with "how do you know how I could have it?" I finally, broke down and mentioned how I have a lvl 44 Draenie warrior, who is mostly fury spec (he's part proc), had sunder for I don't even remember how long now, and I quite sucessfully tanked (OK, it was just SM armory and cath, but then again he's 44).

I PSTed the group leader, and was like "this guy is clueless. I'll tell you what, my fury spec warrior has had, and the MT in your guild said he's fury spec? I've seen him use sunder when we did an instance together".

I reallly do have to digress on hunters though, given my main is a hunter, and quite honestly, there's more to it then just sending in pet and auto-shot. Some might not know more. But for instance, when some can't even kite a mob for instance, and keep the battle a bit more maneagable, it can irk me sometimes; especially when it is someone on my main's class when I'm on an alt Ditto on people who refuse to turn aspect of the pack off. But not every hunter out there is like this, even if I have run into a number of these before.
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