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Default Re: email addresses on accepted list

Originally Posted by evoblade2000
ITS NOT FAKE! Thats the whole point of my post! It just comes down to a fact that some people's only email address/only usable address is a web-mail box. If your determination of a legitimate email vs. a spammer is solely based on what domain their mail is from, once I register with an accepted email, accoriding to this system of verification, I'm not a spammer. Once that has been established I would like to change my address to one that is easier for me to check. My company's IT policies discourage non-business use of their email address, but that is the only one I could get to work.
Do you Yahoo? MikeC is the guy, he can likely update the database with the email address you wish to use to bypass the restrictions that concern you, PM him, he's a good guy. I can see your point but in such a rare case as this the benefit of disabling known vectors of 'throw-away' email accounts such as Yahoo/Google/Hotmail as a mechanism to thwart spam far exceed the inconvenience to select users.
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