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It's fast, if you don't mind rebooting once every three hours.
When programming in Visual C++ I`m used to rebooting every hour, but since it reboots in less than 12 seconds, no problem with that. Also Visual C++ loads everything in less than 3 seconds, so no problem with that except that I`m happier to work with freshly restarted Windows.

I could not for the life of me beat the last one. And THAT is frustrating-
Oh, yeah. I remember now. There was one racing level with Delphi that was damn tough - I think I even had to play it at least 5 or 6 times to win it ! Yes, that ONE level was heavy.

When I`m thinking of it, did you stop playing Giants just because of that one level ? If so, do you know of a cheat ("allmissionsaregoodtogo") that enables loading of all missions of all 3 species. Although I personally discovered that cheat only after I finished whole Giants. But this cheat is handy when you`re doing Win reinstall and have to reinstall Giants. You don`t have to find old savegames, just type it in game and you can choose any level you want !

EDIT : I almost forgot, what`s your most favourite level to play ?
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