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Default Re: Wireless Security Questions (My Home Network)

Originally Posted by 911medic
I have a (noob) question regarding enabling security on my home wifi network.

I have an old router (802.11b), and it has MAC address filtering and WEP. So far, I haven't done anything but enable the address filtering for security (yes, I know it can be spoofed/hacked easily). I want to enable WEP, but the last time I tried, I had major problems, likely of my own making and due to my lack of understanding (I had great difficulty connecting and getting back into my router settings to turn it off).

I want to have it enabled, and am going to try again, but here's my question:

My wife's laptop connects both here and at work. If I enable WEP here at home and configure her laptop to connect to it, will it screw up her work connection? This is a BIG deal as I will seriously be in the doghouse if this happens.

And please, I know that MAC address filtering and WEP suck, but they're better than nothing. My goal is to deter the casual wi-fi stealer (oh, look, an unsecured network...I'll just connect). I live in a fairly rural area, with only a few close neighbors. I can detect 2 or 3 other wireless networks in my neighborhood.
No it will not. I have WEP enabled at home. it will create multiple profiles for you to be able to use.
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