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What AF setting is the NV35 at though? We already know the 4xAA isn't a direct comparison at all...

ATI should add a second label to their settings for "NV-comparison mode".

Nvidia has an advantage in AF quality, but with ATI's 16x AF many games will appear equal or better on the ATI based on the predominant angles of the environment.

Don't be fooled by Nvidia's "texture sharpening", since that only raises the AF setting one level to make tweaking easier for people who don't know what AF is. At 8x AF, it does nothing.

The NV35 has superior FP precision that's useful for professional work, but for games it will always be inferior to maintain performance. The performance advantage gained is only marginal, but then again, the quality difference between FP24 and FP16 will most likely be marginal as well, unless high-precision is truly required as in HDR lighting.

By the way, questions have been raised about Nvidia cheating in the Antalus flyby, but that remains to be seen.

Sorry to everyone for rehashing the same tired info, but NV40 never seems to learn.
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