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Originally posted by extreme_dB
What AF setting is the NV35 at though? We already know the 4xAA isn't a direct comparison at all...

ATI should add a second label to their settings for "NV-comparison mode".

Nvidia has an advantage in AF quality, but with ATI's 16x AF many games will appear equal or better on the ATI based on the predominant angles of the environment.

By the way, questions have been raised about Nvidia cheating in the Antalus flyby, but that remains to be seen.

the game of equal comparisons works in the other way too..

ATi AF should be set to 16x and Nvidia in 8x.. since we already know
the shortcuts that ATI does in ANisoF. and since Nvidia is using 32bits more than ATI 96bits, a more real comparison will be Nvidia without AA/AF settings and ATI with all their settings to the high.. since is obviously Nvidia is rendering more and using a lot more precision and IQ . and dont be
fooled with texturing sharpening ,it does an excelent job with IQ .

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