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Default 6800GS to HDTV via VGA full screen video issues


I recently got an HDTV (Samsung LN-T4053H) which has a VGA input. I have a BFG 6800GS AGP card that has 1 DVI, 1 VGA, and 1 svideo port. I'm currently using my DVI port for my LCD monitor and don't want to switch that.

I'd like to hook up the my computer to the HDTV for showing videos or entertaining with other computer-based entertainment when others are over.

I have no problem hooking up the TV to the VGA port, that is until I start to play a video. With "full screen video" set to auto select, whenever I start a video the TV seems to sync out and says "Mode not supported".

Alternatively I set up the TV via the svideo port. That works ok for watching full screen videos, but then when I'm in "desktop" mode I'm limited to 640x480 res.

Does anyone know of any ways around this situation or have any suggestions?

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