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Default Re: Is this a good deal for an LCD TV?

Though I'm not sure about Scepter being a quality brand (i.e. their return policy or build quality), you get quite a bit for the $ (37", 1080P, built in tuner) but it depends on what you use it for. It's got typical LCD contrast... only 1 HDMI port, no DVI... so you'd have to use VGA for a monitor or sacrifice the HDMI port with DVI->HDMI adapter. Speakers always suck on TVs.

For a monitor, X360, PS3, it will be excellent. It's a shame you missed the $799 Westy 37" 1080P deal back at Costco a few months back, as that is the ultimate monitor!

You can in fact find the Westinghouse 42" go on sale every now and then for ~$1,000 at Best Buy. (the TV model... with QAM tuner, 4 HDMI ports) which is the better buy.
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