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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Gears is terrible... I got suckered into buying that and all it was was good visuals and about 4 hours of gameplay... I will give you Dead Rising... that is a very good game. But for me.. PS3 with Resistance, Warhawk, and Super Stardust HD is where it is at... of course I can't play my 360 at the moment because of its brokenness (which Microsoft FINALLY got me a box on Monday... amazing).
super stardust, is that the one like geometry wars but nicer? i think i remember playing that and thinking, "this is just like geometry wars but much cooler".

I must say, bioshock really draws you into the game where I remember when playing through gears it was more "when does this chapter end? hopefully soon so that I can get the achievement for it", gears did more for me with the online aspect than single player, which was kind of dull.

still trying to egg on a friend to buy warhawk (so that I can play it), as that looks like a great game too.

when it comes down to it they are both great. i know quite a few ppl that bought a ps3 just for BR playback, because why spend more for a stand alone that only has one function. come to think of it, I wonder how much of the ps3 base are for BR players alone?

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