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Default Geforce4 Ti 4200 Issues

I'm sure that this is nothing no one hasn't seen before, but i've read through the README (I could've missed something I suppose) and I'm still stuck.

My specs:
A7N8X mobo
Athlon 2600+ processor
Debian (Woody), apt-get upgrade has successfully been run, so 4.something is the version of XFree.
Using the latest nvidia-kernel-src/glx packages from debian

Download and such during installation went fine. Now when I'm trying to startx I get the

"No screens found"

Which seems like it has meant different things to different people. Yes, I do have a screens section in my XF86Config-4, with display sections and everything.

My lspci and XFree logs are attached. (lspci is after the xfree log)

Blackbox is installed and waiting on xdm, so there will be a window manager.

When I do startx, I get a couple flickers, and then the no screens found.

Only thing of note other than at the end (the no screens found) is the attempt (failed ) to load the APM module.

Thanks for the help.
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