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Default Re: Detecting Bad Links

Originally Posted by radekhulan
Well, he should better "fix" the server, so that it can access what clients can..
The web server I'm talking about resides on a private intranet LAN behind a firewall. People who are connecting to the internet from this LAN can also reach this server, but anyone outside the LAN can't. I needed a way to detect if the client is on the LAN and send them to the local private web server instead of the public internet server. I did suggest to my IT admin that we could set up a local DNS which routes all request to our hosted internet web server to our local web server, but he doesn't want that.

Essentially, there will be 2 web servers. One public on the internet, the other private on the LAN. They both will host the same PHP/Javascripts, but the private server will have access to private secured DATA from a private Mysql server and public data on another mysql server. The public internet server will have access to public DATA but not the private data.

It was essentially a security issue in that we wanted a way to keep some data private and never accessible from the public internet.
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