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Default Re: Incoming Chinese HD DVD players confirmed

Originally Posted by shabby
Regular dvd's are also displayed as 1080p on the sxrd yet they look like ****, dont assume I wont see a difference alright.
I have a couple 1080i transport streams and compare them to the 1080p hddvd movies. Theres really no need to argue about it because you cant tell me that im wrong if i see a difference.
Comparing different sources.

Regular dvd's are a 480p source, so that's a moot point. And HD-DVDs are better codec & bitrate than a cable HD capture.

What evilchris is talking about is comparing 1080i and 1080p from the same source, HD-DVD. You will see that there is no difference.

"I'd bet you $10,000 cash you couldn't determine which was which of a 1080i/p playback to a 1080p TV. A 1080p TV displays 1080p PERIOD, regardless of what you feed it. Deinterlacers in current 1080p TV's produce the exact same image and you gain no benefit from sending 1080p versus 1080i from your playback source."

The above is 100% correct.
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