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Default Re: Notebook & GeForce 8400M G

Here's the problem:

(II) NVIDIA(0): Validating Mode "1680x1050"
(II) NVIDIA(0): 1680 x 1050 @ 61 Hz
(II) NVIDIA(0): For use as DFP backend.
(II) NVIDIA(0): Mode Source: EDID
(II) NVIDIA(0): Pixel Clock : 121.40 MHz
(II) NVIDIA(0): HRes, HSyncStart : 1680, 1728
(II) NVIDIA(0): HSyncEnd, HTotal : 1760, 1840
(II) NVIDIA(0): VRes, VSyncStart : 1050, 1052
(II) NVIDIA(0): VSyncEnd, VTotal : 1058, 1080
(II) NVIDIA(0): H/V Polarity : -/-
(WW) NVIDIA(0): Mode is rejected: VertRefresh (61.1 Hz) out of range
(WW) NVIDIA(0): (0.000-60.000 Hz).

It looks like the EDID caps the VRefresh at 60Hz, even though the only defined native mode requires a 61Hz refresh rate. Try adding the following to the Device section in xorg.conf:
Option "ModeValidation" "NoVertRefreshCheck"
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