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Cool Ha, it works!

Well, now it works. Thanks for the advice.

So, just for everyone else.

Changed my /etc/apt/sources.list to all testing instead of stable. Then I downloaded the unstable versions of the debian packages for nvidia-kernel-src, and glx. Then i followed the nonexistant readme (I have no idea why one wasn't installed with the package).

for those who care:
tar -xzvf the kernel tar that you got, in /usr/src
then make-kpkg modules_image in your source directory
then go find the .deb that was created with the modules_image in it, dpkg -i that.

reboot (sadly, this was important).

now, /usr/src/NVIDIA_glxwhatever
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

Then dpkg -i that (its in /usr/src)

when that fails, reboot! (I got some unmet dependancies, and did an apt-get -f install to one of them)

Then it worked.
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