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Post Re: Advice needed on first HDTV purchase

Looks like I will be getting my HDTV during the Labor Day sales this weekend.

I have settled on the Samsung 46' DLP, but have some concerns about the lamps that will need to be replaced in a few years.
Is this something that I should worry about? Is this a good enough reason to maybe consider a LCD instead?

The HDTV will mostly be used for TV, DVD, HD-DVD/Blue-Ray & maybe PS3/360.
The distance from the TV stand to the couch is about 12 feet.
The room is well lit, but can be adjusted via dimmer and window shades can be closed.

- Samsung 46' DLP HDTV $900 - My current choice

Could someone suggest a comparable LCD for under $1500, just in-case I decide not to go DLP.


P.S. I noticed that the Samsung DLP says under HDMI that it supports 1080p even tho the set is a 720p native.
I was told by a Best Buy rep that thats a typo and that the television can only display it's native resolution & can't do 1080p.
Could someone clarify what exactly 1080p via HDMI on a 720p native display really means?

Thanks in advance.
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