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Default Re: 6800GS to HDTV via VGA full screen video issues

Coincidentally, I just purchased my first HDTV for monitor duty a week ago(Benq SH3731 37" - 1080p baby!)

Here is what I did with my GF4 TI 4200 which I use "currently" for testing HDTV output. My 6800 ultra has only 1 DVI port and 1 S-video port so waiting to upgrade that.

Turn on TV, then I turn on and boot the computer. Shows bios on both HTDV and LCD monitor so I know the card physically detected both.

Go into windows
Turn on Nview under desktop management via the driver's control panel.
Set to DUAL VIEW mode (each display has its own resolution).

Display 1 - LCD monitor - set resolution and refresh rate.
Display 2 - HTDV - set slider to max 1920x1080x60hz.

Under FULL SCREEN VIDEO, it is set to AUTO for me. Try to set it to secondary device if need be.

When I had it in "cloned mode", same res and same settings for both LCD and HDTV, it would not go into full screen for me sometimes. Also, I lose the video card's upscaling to 1080p since the HDTV res was the same as the monitor (1024x768).

Used both 93.71 and 94.24 drivers. Never tried any driver above that until someone tells me a better driver for both my GF4 and 6800 Ultra.

Also, I'ved tested the below settings and it all works for me:

VGA port - VGA cable to LCD monitor
DVI port - DVI to HDMI cable to HDMI port on HDTV (also tested DVI - VGA and VGA to VGA - works the same, no changes other than quality)

Note: When you watch videos on the HDTV, it may be appear washed out than what your "desktop color" settings may be set at. This is due to the color space that video are encode into. It is not 32bit RGB as your desktop is.

Without going into the details, normally, people will say to "calibrate" the "TV" properly so the video looks good (not too washed out and etc...). Adjust contrast, color and brightness on the "TV" to match the video signal.

If your HDTV will be your primary viewing device, it will have an effect on the desktop, but you can force a 32bit colour space which may help to fix the "washing out". Or just adjust the overlay and full screen video brightness via the drivers color correction down from 100% to ~98% and it will fix it. Leave desktop alone since that "color space" will be used for desktop, directx and opengl applications.
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