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Unhappy Re: Console corrupted when X is started

After reluctantly switching from amd64 to i386, I also have garbled consoles. The driver seems fine apart from this one problem when I stop X. I've only noticed it on Ctrl-Alt-F1 or after issuing a "shutdown -p now" command. It looks like the console is still alive but it's so distorted I can't make anything out.

This sync problem wouldn't physically damage an LCD screen, right? I seem to recall CRTs could get severely borked by this sort of thing.

Unfortunately I'm not able to generate a crash dump. Although I can cause what looks like a kernel panic [bold white text, lots of it], I can't be sure because a) I can't make it out and b) it doesn't leave a dump behind for savecore.

So, 'fraid this is the best I can do for now:

% sysctl hw.nvidia.version
hw.nvidia.version: NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module 100.14.11 Wed Jun 13 15:15:08 PDT 2007
% sysctl GeForce Go 7600
% uname -rims
Let me know if any other info would be handy.


ps. please excuse the lack of nvidia-bug-report.log file. I do not seem to have on my system.
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