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Default "fastest" low profile (nvidia) AGP card?

A crappy 9200se died (er, is on its death throes) on me and as a last gasp for my kidZ desktop - I will stuff one more card in it.

I am done with ATI (disappointing linux support and I have had 2 cards just start flaking out) and have been pleased with a 7800 and 7600 (agp) boards I have.

So the MOBO is an OEM Intel 845GRG board in a low profile case. This implies AGP 2x/4x (although any 8X should work -- just at 4x -- correct me if I am wrong).

(primary)USEAGE: KidZ WinXP Home pc -- playing lots of online flash games and some other games such as zoo tycoon, tonka monster truck that have modest directX requirements. Nothing terribly GPU taxing -- but as good as it can get is important.

Ignoring PSU and cooling requirements, for a bit; what is the 'best/fastest/goodest' LOW PROFILE AGP board out there??? (I'd prefer cards with LP brackets -- but can rape my 9200se for the bracket if need be).

I have seen a variety of geforce 6200 LP cards (xfx, evga, asus) - that seems like about as high up the 'nvidia' food chain, LP cards get. There are several FX 5200 cards out there too -- will the $15-$20 for a 6200 card bring a noticeable difference (from a 5200)?
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