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Originally Posted by six_storm
Ahh, that makes sense. I had to install libc6 in order to install the NVIDIA drivers
libc6-dev I take it you mean libc6 would already be there.
I see where I installed the "stable" version and not the "unstable" or "testing" version. So I'm assuming I need to change my repos in order to get a "testing" version? Which repos would that be?
It appears not unless you need the latest version from unstable I had thought it was not available looking at your inclusion of unstable in your sources but the versions are the same until there. So you may want to remove/comment out the line for unstable you have in your sources.list then update to refresh the package cache and install compiz which I take it is what you are after. I have never used it but I believe you need to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to enable the feature or maybe you get an option/information screen during the install telling you the changes needed.
Sorry, I'm not used to Debian, but more of Ubuntu where a lot of things are already installed/taken care of lol. Still got a lot of learning to do! But hey, what are forums for anyway?
Exactly everyone has to start somewhere.
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