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Well, looks like the end of the line for games under linux. Good thing WinXP can just about cope with them.

I've checked Gateways website, and though there is a BIOS update available it doesn't appear to change the options, and I'm not risking it for that. As I said, they no longer deal with the UK, and I have no way of finding my invoice which you need to even email their tech support.

I am pretty annoyed about this , so probably wouldn't buy another Gateway even if they still sold to the UK. I don't need protecting from my PC!

If anyone ever does think of a solution please post it...

BTW: if anyone thinks they have the same problem, my BIOS is AMI version 0AASNP03 (update I didn't try is 0AASNP06), though the absence of options is a giveaway...

Many thanks to bwkaz for helping.
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