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Default Re: Advice needed on first HDTV purchase

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Samsung DLP, Can't go wrong there...
If you're gonna look at DLP, check out the Samsung LED DLP line.

The LED replaces the lamp and the color wheel, has a higher color gamut, and being solid state, has 10+ years expected life. (factor in, not replacing the $400 lamp every year, and you save thousands)

I'm trying to convince the wife to upgrade to the samsung HL-T6187S. (61" DLP LED)
The 56" or the 50" are really nice and can be found for under $2000 (for 56"). (Amazon and many others)

Whatever your choice, be careful of stores and their displays. too many sales people pushing one or another but without understanding the technologies or trade-offs and differences.

make sure it has at LEAST 2 HDMI inputs, plus minimum 1 component and 1 s-video for backward compatibility.

A great forum for HD TV's:

very knowledgeable and helpfull people.

My final recommendation: Buy more than you need today. We're still in the early HD adoption phase.; The Video is 90% of your AV system. If the picture is weak, it doesn't matter how good the rest of your system is.

PS: congrads..

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