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Default Re: 2D rendering slowdown on suspend (NVIDIA NVS 140M, Thinkpad R61)

This is really disgusting. :\ I know the guys from Nvidia that help us here do the best they can, and arn't allowed to talk about new drivers, but judging by how long it takes to get fixes for things like this seriously says something about how the company works internally.

I know 99% of sales probably come from big OEM companies like Dell, and contracts with companies like Sony for GPU contracts on video game systems. That basically leaves people like us in the dust, with concerns that won't be heard or tended to as we account for a tiny fraction of the revenue. I _HATE_ corporate America. It's so very, very upsetting.

Intel is (hopefully) going to be breaking into the GPU market soon, they've been committed to open source drivers in the past, and they've managed to release open drivers for their new X3xxx cards which does contain some advanced hardware...when they break into the performance market depending on how it plays out I might be making a switch. I wonder if/how they can get around IP issues...Sigh....
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