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Default Re: What's a good wired router for under $80?

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Meh- wireless is teh suck. Wired FTW!!!
I have a 50 computer network that is going to be wireless tomorrow (when I get the chance to set it up). I didn't really have another option.

I have a TP-Link Router and a Linksys Access point. The supplier in town assured me they'll do fine. My network won't have to handle much traffic anyway. Only mandatory profiles that will have to be distributed to the 50 PCs once every couple of days and also for the odd file I want to upload to all the computers.

No internet traffic is allowed by the headmaster in this particular class. Firstly because some children downloaded porn some years ago and the school got quite some flak for it and secondly 50 users will suck our monthly 3GB cap dry within two days. Unlimited access is way too expensive in South Africa.
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