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Default Re: ***Official PSN Downloads Thread***

Originally Posted by crainger
Anyone have a changelog for the 1.92 update yet?
-Ability to add Flash wallpapers
-Seemingly faster XMB load times
-XMB screensaver option (which was there prior to this but just became popular because of this)
-Improvements on Internet Browser application
-Auto power off for the controllers
-Thumbnails in the video section
-Synchronized game clips in the games folder load up
-Faster transition from game to XMB
-Updated PSOne/PS2 controller compatibility

Official changelog from Sony Japan. Here it is:

Customization of wallpaper/indicatory font (theme setting)

XMB™(the cross media bar) it reached the point where the picture can be indicated in the background. In addition, it reached™the point where the indicatory font on XMB can be modified.
[ At the time of message com****tion of the friend ], it reached the point where picture letter can be input.
When connecting the USB keyboard, it reached the point where letter can be input into input form of the Web page directly.
It corresponded to the rise sampling output of music CD.
The other functions which are renewed with version 1.90

[ The disk to remove ] it added to the option menu of the disk.
When modifying the idea contest of the file and the folder, [it reachedthe point where folder classification ] can be chosen.

[ [ BD 1080p 24Hz outputof BD/DVD setting ] (HDMI)] with [ it reached the point where entrance ] can be chosen.
[ [ At music CD outputfrequency ] of musicsetting ] [ it reached the point where 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz ] can be chosen.
[ [ With bit mapping ]of musicsetting ] [ it reached the point where type 2 ] can be chosen.

[ Picture quality adjustment ] of the operation panel [was modified in imageaudio setting ].
It reached™the point where the memory stick and animated picture of the AVCHD type which is retainedin the hard disk of the digital videocamera can be played back.
It reached the point which in the record media and when playing back the animated picture file which is retained in the hard disk, [ slow (returns and ) ], [ scene to reset ] can do operation.

While the playing®of PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 standard software,it reached the point whereoutput setting can be modified.
It arranged the game which is retained inthe hard disk and it reachedthe point where it is applied.

[ The file ] of Internet browser in the menu, [ ahead linking addition ] was added to the book mark.
[ Browser security ] was added [ tothe tool ]of Internet browser.

When indicating (繧「繝舌ち繝シ) in the AV kyat, the (繧「) butter reacting to sound, it reached the point where it moves.

In addition
PlayStation of the part in PS3 and operational status of the PlayStation 2 standard software were renewed. You can verify up-to-date operationalstatus with .
About the automatic restoration function of information of setting

Still waiting for US/UK change log.

From Official PlayStation Community.
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