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Default Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!

Man, I am SO impressed with this CPU/Mobo/RAM combo!

The CPU hits 3.60GHz (450x8) at 1.475 rock solid under Orthos. Awesome for a $200 CPU!!!

The Patriot RAM clocks like a champ at 900MHz at 4-4-4-12 timings. I got 2GB for $61 at NewEgg after rebate.

And I am the most impressed with the Gigabyte motherboard. At $95 it is the cheapest mobo I have purchased and yet it is super stable and the overclock features are kick ass! When you overclock too high the system just reboots itself and clocks back down! No more having to open the case to reset the CMOS. How cool is that!!

My heat is too high (70C) for my liking on the stock cooler so I have a TT Ultra Extreme 120 coming from NewEgg this week, so that will add to the cost a bit, still I am SO impressed with the overclock stability of this new rig.

The speed of my system is so much peppier with the new CPU/RAM/Mobo. I was using an Opteron 170 that was overclocked to 2.4GHz before and this new setup blows it away. I got a 50% increase on my 3dmark06 score.

I moved from Windows XP Home SP2 to Windows Vista 32 Home Premium too and so far I am very happy with the new OS. I loaded the OS, P35 chipset drivers, nvidia 8800GTX drivers, SB X-Fi drivers and I was up and fully ready to play games. The load was much faster than my previous XP loads from scratch (especially since I didn't have to load SP2, IE7, etc).

After selling my old Mobo/CPU/RAM on eBay it was only about a $100 upgrade cost and WELL worth it!!

As soon as I get my TT Ultra Extreme 120 this week I'll let you guys know if I can clock stable even higher.
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