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Default Re: Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Tribe 5

Originally Posted by grey_1
Maybe I'm being slow...

7.10 installs the driver for you? Or it just installed easily without having to install dependencies first?

Either way sounds nice. Did you use CF from the repos?
Haha. Well, on your first boot up from installation, it will give you a notification for "Restricted Drivers". Once you click on it, it actually gives you two options: NVIDIA Drivers and NVIDIA Drivers(Newest Cards). I clicked the checkbox for the first option and it installed the NVIDIA drivers, painless too!

As far as CF goes, Ubuntu 7.10 will be the first version of Ubuntu that includes CF packages by default. You just gotta "sudo apt-get install compiz-settings-manager" and "emerald" by yourself. If you use Emerald Themes, you gotta find that yourself. I just went to

It's a real stable version from what I've seen. One other thing I noticed is that GAIM was replaced by Pidgin. Works great!
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