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Default Re: Q6600 ; Hitting a wall at 2.85Ghz, no voltage helps.

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
I am still debating picking one of these G0 Q6600's up. I can by the G0 stepping Q6600 at a local store for $279.00. The only problem is I am terribly unsure if I will even notice a difference worth that much money vs. what I have now. Not to mention I don't feel like anything is really slowed down compaired to where it should be. Would be more of a synthetic jump than a practical one it feels like. Let us know how things feel.

I'd stick with what you have,unless you plan on doing serious amounts of encoding or folding or both.Although there are a few games that use a quad core cpu right now,Penryn will be here soon offering even lower prices and better performance.SC and Bioshock are not enough to currently warrant it.Then again,Strangehold willl be out soon,as will Crysis and UT3.

I plan on buying them all and already fold & encode a lot of video,so it was a simple decision on my part.
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