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Default Re: Upgrading speaker wire

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I had somebody explain all of the reasoning to me once (I used to use coax for everything,) and don't remember most of it, but the short of it is that EM interference doesn't really effect post-amp signals much at all, and with coax wires you are going to have more issues with the cables getting bent and broken in a typical speaker setup. Plus you can't easily run them inside of walls and underneath flooring. Plus if you are going to use coax, you'd probably want RG6 or else the inner wire will be way too thin.
I can see that being the case, since a linear amplifier will amplify ambient noise in the line, however, if you're making long runs, especially in parallel to AC power lines, I can see coax as a huge benefit versus straight braided wire.

The other arguments in regard to flooring/angling are moot since you run coax for CATV/SAT.

Not trying to be dominating; I was hoping to find out why I was wrong, and I respect your input.
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