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Default Re: Upgrading speaker wire

Originally Posted by evilghost
The other arguments in regard to flooring/angling are moot since you run coax for CATV/SAT.
Depends on how your layout is. It is a lot easier to hide ordinary copper wire than coax, regardless of where it is. If your speakers are on a stand or are mounted to a wall or ceiling, you can easily just run the wires along the mount and bend it at e.g. 90 degree angles willy nilly. Unless you have a big hollow mount, it will be a lot more difficult to hide coax.

If you have 14AWG wire or smaller, you can probably run it perpendicular to a power line or two just fine. Parallel is a whole other issue, in which case not only would you want coax, but probably a quad shield coax for the duration of that particular run.
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