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Default Re: Upgrading speaker wire

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Depends on how your layout is. It is a lot easier to hide ordinary copper wire than coax, regardless of where it is. If your speakers are on a stand or are mounted to a wall or ceiling, you can easily just run the wires along the mount and bend it at e.g. 90 degree angles willy nilly. Unless you have a big hollow mount, it will be a lot more difficult to hide coax.

If you have 14AWG wire or smaller, you can probably run it perpendicular to a power line or two just fine. Parallel is a whole other issue, in which case not only would you want coax, but probably a quad shield coax for the duration of that particular run.
QS FTW! Ran it for SRS DirecWay and it's great. By the way, 14AWG is pretty hefty for speakerwire, that's the same gauge as 14-2 which is used for residential wiring except for when 12-2 is reqired like on a GFI circuit/bathroom. I know, state code to county code to city code. I can only speak for Alabama w/regard to residential.
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