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Originally posted by Mr. Blue

I went through every single page in this thread and never once does it mention enabling the OpenGL and Direct3D settings for Anisotropic filtering, etc..

I would appreciate it if someone could point me to this info without being rude or obnoxious.

Mr. Blue,

(Any relation to Jet Blue?) :-)

Here's the deal.

With the new dets, there is a whole new interface. To turn on Anso or FSAA for D3D or OGL here's what you do.

Right-click on your desktop Right Click --> Properties
Select the Settings tab
Select your NVidia Card Name tab (e.g. GeForcer4 ti 4600 for me..)

Here's where the new interface comes in to play. If you don't see the new interface click on the little green arrow to the left of "system information."

You should see

-GeForce4ti 4600
- nView Display Mode
- 3D AntiAlias Settings
- Direct3D Settings
- OpenGL Settings
- Overlay Control
- Desktop Utilities
- NVRotate

If you've enabled cool-bits you get some extra categories.

- Clock Frequencies
- AGP Settings

I suggest you click on the "Desktop Utilities" and check the check-box labeled "Display the Media Center icon in the taskbar." This will give you a nifty little NV Icon which you can click on and get all the settings in one nifty menu -- it looks just like NVMax4 to me.

You now have the option (from the taskbar Icon or the side-menu) to set D3D, OGL and AA settings on the fly just like if you got one of the nifty utilities like NVMax. Like I mentioned I think the new interface is just like NVMax4's.

I hope that I answered your question(s). I'm sorry you felt some were being smart @sses, but just remember it's better than the alternative -- a dumb @ss!!


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