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Default OCZ Vindicator Heatsink and Temperature

I apologize if there is an already existing threads for this subject.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced with the OCZ Vindicator CPU Heatsink. I just build a new rig (signature) and overclocked with success but with a lot of noise coming from the fans.

Here are the specs:

1xfan 120mm full power Back of the case ( I guess 12v )
1xfan 120mm med power Side of the Case
1xfan 120mm low power Front of the Case
1xfan 120mm (stock power) Top of the Case
1xfan 120mm (stock power) on OCZ Vindicator Heatsink
1xexpansion slot fan from Asus med power

My Asus 8800GTX fan is at 85% of his max speed

With all this, I get this as temperature results:

@ Idle:

Motherboard: 30c
VideoCard: 48c
CPU: 39c
HD: 30c

@ Orthos Setting Stress CPU and RAM (1min only cause I freaked out!)

Motherboard: 32c
VideoCard: 51c
CPU: 67c !!!
HD: 30c

@ Game Setting at Max (approx 1hour of playing F.E.A.R)

Motherboard: 32c
VideoCard: 61c
CPU: 59c
HD: 31c

The CPU cool down to its idle temperature (39c) very quickly but not with the case of the Video Card. It takes awhile (30min) before it reach its idle temperature.

All this considered, do you guys have any suggestion of the fans placement, power to make my system a bit less noisy and do you think the temperatures are normal for what I have been using it?

Thank you.
- Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.4Ghz (1.3250v)
- OCZ Vindicator CPU Heatsink (39c/67c)
- Asus Striker Extreme (30c/32c)
- Corsair TwinX 2x1Gb PC-6400c4 @ 800Mhz
- Asus 8800GTX 768Mb @ 600/1000Mhz (48c/59c)
- Antec Sonata III 500Watts
- 500Gb Sata2 Western Digital (28c/31c)
- LG Flatron 22in. 1000:1 (1680x1050)
- 2xAntec Trilite 120mm fan
- 2xLow Noise 120mm fan
- Antec Expansion Slot fan
- Windows XP SP2
All this = Pretty Noisy PC, need Help or Advices!!!
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