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Default Re: OCZ Vindicator Heatsink and Temperature

I Paid 59.99$ ca. for the Vindicator if that's the part you want to know.

I just realize adding up all my purchase which is around 150$ I could of gone with water cooling !

Maybe I'll go that path for my next PC since I am not at all familiar with Water Cooling even so Air Cooling...
- Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.4Ghz (1.3250v)
- OCZ Vindicator CPU Heatsink (39c/67c)
- Asus Striker Extreme (30c/32c)
- Corsair TwinX 2x1Gb PC-6400c4 @ 800Mhz
- Asus 8800GTX 768Mb @ 600/1000Mhz (48c/59c)
- Antec Sonata III 500Watts
- 500Gb Sata2 Western Digital (28c/31c)
- LG Flatron 22in. 1000:1 (1680x1050)
- 2xAntec Trilite 120mm fan
- 2xLow Noise 120mm fan
- Antec Expansion Slot fan
- Windows XP SP2
All this = Pretty Noisy PC, need Help or Advices!!!
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