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Default Re: Best projector for 110'' screen?

Originally Posted by FearMeAll
if you don't the cash for a panasonic ae 1000 the panasonic ax100 kicks ass as well. It's brighter up to 2,000 lumens. Only catch is that the ax100 is 720p. I have a 110" fixed frame screen as well and the ax100 and I think it looks really sweet. It is the brightest projector I've ever owned. I play xbox, ps3, and pc on it and blue ray and hddvd movies look great!
I'd wait on 1080p projectors till they hit 2000 lumens or more. Right now they are too dim for me. I've had 1,000 lumen projectors and didn't like them.
good luck!
Do you play with the lights on or the shades open? I've seen the AE-900U and you have to have a controlled light environment for it to work properly. If you have the lights off though it is amazing and is quite bright. I'm guessing with the huge price breaks on the 1000U they might be in the works of making a newer model with higher lumen output.

EDIT: LOL, ask and you shall recieve. Just looked at Anandtech and Panny is coming out with a 2000U with higher lumen output and a few new features. You can also look at that article to see a few other projectors that are coming out.
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