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Default Re: Best projector for 110'' screen?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Wow... I had no idea projectors were that expensive.

For those prices they better go a lot higher than 720 or 1080p... those are both pretty damned low resolutions when you're talking about screens over 50 inches, let alone over 100. The pixels would be enormous.

Still... I won't knock it till I've seen one in action (which I haven't).
You have to remember that you don't sit on top of the screen either. You probably sit less than 2 feet away from a computer screen whereas you'd be at least 10 feet away from a projector screen. On lower quality LCD models there is something called the Screen Door Effect that happens because of the distance between pixels. You can actually pick out all of the individual pixels if you look at it closely. When you are farther away you won't see them, but when you are right in front of the screen you can see them. The panny I linked uses a screen smoothing to blend all of the pixels together so you don't get the SDE.
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