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Default Re: What OC can I expect with my new q6600 G0 + setup?

I have a Q6600 (L723a825) currently @ 415x9 for a 3.75GHz OC using only 1.400 Vcore and 1.392Vcore under load. This is using High End watercooling (WaterKegIII Xtreme) with load temps never going above 53c in my 19c ambient room. Idle is typically @ 24/24/24/24 (I lapped my CPU to a near perfect flatness)
ASUS P5Q-PRO @ 408FSB / Q6700 @ 3.71GHz AIR COOLED / eVGA GTX295 @ 725c*1585s*2400mem / 4GB G.SKILL PC8500 @ DDR1025 / AUDIGY4 / WD640GB / WD80GB / 28" Hanns-G 3ms LCD
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