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Default Re: Languages you know

Yeah Java sucks. Java is only good for security-aware applications such as e-commerce, if you want your application to be runnable on virtually any modern platform without having to recompile or port it - with near-native performance, of if you just don't want to worry about memory management or low-level exception handling. :-)

IMO C++, on the other hand, is a bit different player. It brings the horror of object constructors and destructors, written in messy C-like syntax which happily lets you to seriously hurt yourself. Basically, I think, C++ combines the worst of OO and C, creating something really unique.

Personally I have good relationship with Java. I won't touch it, and Java keeps out of my eyes. See, I'm not fully OO-compatible yet, but I'm working my way there. I prefer languages such as C, but having to work with GTK+ and GLib have made me realise that objects are actually quite useful -- in certain places. (And I know, GLib doesn't provide real objects.)
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