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Default Re: New Chinese HD DVD standard

Originally Posted by betterdan
What actually happened was, Micheal Bay said he wouldn't make a Transformers 2 since Paramount dropped support for Blu-Ray. But now mysteriously the dumbass has came around and accepted HD DVD which is good.
What happened was that Paramount dropped support for BD and he was out having dinner with three BD fanatics that made him believe that BD is the best thing since sliced bread and HD-DVD is pond scum. Then in his confused mental state he wrote a very early morning post spewing this BD fanaticism to the masses. When Paramount explained to Micheal that BD and HD-DVD for all intents and purposes are exactly the same except for HD-DVD is a slight bit cheaper to manufacture, he changed his mind.

Back on topic, this makes a lot of sense for the Chinese market. They have been doing it with cell phones so that they don't have to pay the extrordinate ip licensing fees, and now they are doing it with their high def movie standard. In addition the CHD-DVD is hardware compatible with HD-DVD, which will make it easy to make a hybrid CHD-DVD/HD-DVD player.

Expect this high definition format war to go on for a long long (long long long long long) time.
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