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Originally posted by Morrow
hm strange, how do you explain than that both the Radeon 9000 and the 9200 are based on the Radeon 8500 core (R2x0 architecture)? Until those two cards had been released every hardware site was sure and certain that the first number indicates the DX version which is the card is capable of.

You have to agree that many people have been and will be fooled by thinking to have bought the 9700, 9800 and DX9 technology when looking at the model number of the 9000 and 9200.

Somewhere else in that post you state that after releasing the 9700 everything went uphill for ATI. I really cannot agree to that. The Radeon 9800 Pro is just an overclocked 9700 Pro where you get a 5% performance increase for almost 200$! It's even worse with 256mb DDR II version of the 9800 which is even more expensive and offers almost no performance increase. Also the upcoming R360 seems just to be a slightly overclocked 9800 Pro, adding nothing new to ATI's R3x0 lineup but the card will of course make several crazy overclockers happy who believe they have just made a great deal by upgrading from their 9800 Pro

And even though ATI made some huge progresses in the beginning, it seems now that the quality of their drivers has stalled, forums everywhere are fulls of reclamations about stuttering, bugs, glitches and crashes... is ATI still really going only uphill? The next months will show...

Anyway, I agree to ImaginaryFiend that all the forums worldwide were much more nice and calm when nvidia was the leader. All the bashing and attacks which are going on the last few months are hardly bearable. Intelligent discussions are impossible to find anywhere. We are currently now in the same pathetic situation as we were when AMD managed to offers the fastest CPUs two years ago:

intelligent discussion mode = off
bashing mode = on

This all calmed down very nicely when Intel took again the lead with their P4s Northwoods. Hopefully the same thing will happen in graphiccard world too. Time for the nv35 to be available for purchasing and get moving your feet for the nv40 nvidia. I beg you
I'm sure the GeForce 4 MX series was just as confusing for consumers as well.
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