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Default Re: Official Guild Wars Thread

Originally Posted by darkrider01
So...since everyone is busy playing GW:EN, what are your thoughts?

The dwarf with the exploding kegs outside Sifhalla made my wife say "Budger Blackpowder made GW fun again for me". She's trying out the touch ranger solo build and is just having a ball with it. It does work well in a group.

My heart is just broken with the Hall of Monuments. You can only display Elite (15k) Armor, Destroyer Weapons, and Heroes that have upgraded armor. Also, when you choose to display a mini-pet, it customizes the pet to your character. Also, when you display your armor, it shows it in the base color. So my beautiful, pre-patch-black-dyed Obsidian armor shows up as pink on the monument.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that ANet is listening to the outcry from the players and not just taking the easy way out.
I enjoyed it... played through with my ranger... not sure if I will with my other characters.

Really hate the grind just to get the armor crafters to talk to you :\.

Yes, the HoM sucks right now, I have many weapons that are WAYYYY better than those trashy Destroyer weapons.

The end-game greens suck again.

99% of the new skills blow.
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