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Default Re: OMG!!! Crysis DEMO!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by einstein_314
What the crap is all I can say. I pay $50 a year for the fileplanet + gamespy network annual subscription. And I can't f-ing get it! WHAT.THE.CRAP.OVER.

This is pure BS. A pure marketing scam to get more people to sign up for founders memberships. Screw that.
No offence, but it looks good on ya!

You support it because you purchased it in the first place. FP is just taking **** to the next level. haha
Now you can see WTF these crooks are doing. FP cares about one thing $$$ and if that means screwing anyone who has given them money in the first place, so be it.

They couldn't care less if it means more $$$. They want you to pay more and more..

Dump that BS FP NOW before it's to late :P
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