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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Why do you let stupid people in your guild? We boot idiots on the spot. I booted a guy from my guild because he was putting the moves on my buddy's wife. He is in Iraq fighting for us and he is here playing a geek's game and trying to put the moves on my buddy's wife? I don't think so.
The guild master and the co-GM had realm transfered from Sen Jin over to Gnomeragan, where my horde guy there is. Given there really wasn't any raiding there, he was looking to build a guild up to raiding. Lets just say the people who this surrounded, were the type who figured that because they're 5 manning scholo and stuff, they're the big men around, and as this one guy said "without us high lvls, there'd be no guild, so stuff it. We can do as we please, because we're the big kids around."

Thing is, the guy who was saying this, might have done some 5 mans, but had absolutely no raid experience whatsoever. The second things went down to the first raid on something (and just UBRS at that), this all errupted. And then, is when it came out that the other people were essentially tollerating his needing every drop for disenchanting, and in the name of friendship, saying nothing. tbh, I for one had never run with that guy to even have known before, nor would I have, given I was lvl 56 or 57 at the time this happened, and he was mid 60s. Mind you, my main was around upper 60s when this all happened, but on a different realm. I was pushing my guy's lvls there, at the time, to join up with the raid, but then suddenly....

Oh, and speaking of annoyances, one person was running around Shadowmoon Valley today, begging for gold for his epic flying mount. Mind you, this also created a lot of angst in general chat, as people weren't looking to be begged for 5 k gold, and by another lvl 70 at that If he wasn't joking, I don't know what to say.
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