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Default Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!

Well I got my TT Ultra 120 Extreme installed. Man that cooler is a real pain to install, had to reinstall it 3 times to get it seated right so that it was cooling properly.

I dropped about 9 degrees C under load at 3.6GHz and 1.475V to 61C. Not bad but I wanted to come done into about the mid 50s under load. I reduced my voltage to 1.425 but I also had to reduce my speed to 3.5GHz to be stable and I think I've found the sweet spot, under load I'm hitting about 53C to 55C. (Keep in mind I live in Phoenix and it is HOT here.)

I put a Scythe S-Flex 120mm fan on the Ultra 120 and is it VERY silent, gotta love that!

I did run into one issue with my motherboard that's worth mentioning. I was playing Company of Heroes and using my headphones and noticed I was getting a lot of whining noise through my X-Fi. As if there is a shielding issue somewhere. I had my X-Fi in the bottom PCI slot (PCI 3). I decided to move it to PCI 1 by the graphics card and that's when all hell broke lose. As soon as I moved the card and tried to boot my PC, it would REFUSE to boot into any overclocked setting, even the most mild overclock. I then moved the card back to PCI 3 and it was still doing it so I cleared the CMOS with the jumper and set everything back and it was fine. Just for grins I moved my X-Fi back to PCI 1 and it DID IT AGAIN! Moved it to PCI 2 this time, cleared the CMOS and all is fine. (I also tried clearing the CMOS and leaving it in PCI 1 but it was a NO-GO). I seem to have less whining noise now in PCI 2 but still a little. I didn't have this issue at all on my MSI Diamond K8N Socket 939 board.

So if anyone runs into this problem with a Gigabyte P35 board (won't overclock, just keeps rebooting until it clocks down), try making sure PCI 1 doesn't have a card and also clear your CMOS. I may just have a flakey board but since I am happy with everything else about it, I don't want to deal with RMA'ing it.
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