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Default Re: AMD To Release GPU Specifications Without NDA!

Originally Posted by MUYA
Erm something I am missing?
Apparantly yes..

This is good news!

If I had a choice between two OpenGL 3D accelerated graphic cards for my Linux system one with OSS drivers and one with closed source I would go for the OSS one anyday - even if the hardware was 50% more expensive and only had 50% of the performance of the propriety one. - Maybe that's just me - but I always pick the OSS equivalent over propriety stuff.

Think of the impact this could have: Once a set of OSS drivers are written it'll mean that "out of the box" installations of just about any Linux distro will immediately support full 3D acceleration on ATI's cards.. - Which ultimately means that when a Linux newcomer asks advice on what hardware he should purchase for his Linux system - he'll almost always be advised to get an ATI card rather than an Nvidia one... (unless Nvidia follows this course as well).

It's also a good way to "score points" with OSS fans. (Note specifically "OSS" fans.. not necessarily all Linux fans - although they tend to be the same thing).
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