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Default Re: Suggestion to MUYA

Originally posted by Monolyth
Heya MUYA,
I just got a little suggestion, you post a lot of Review links, perhaps compress them down into a single post/day? Lots of sites do this, due to the extremely large amount of reviews posted all over the web.

It's just a suggestion, peace!
Thanks for the suggestions Monolyth. I am not online 24hrs coz I have a dial up only ( I am in Nepal). And each time I get on the net, I post in bursts. and thats the reason why you see posts here and there!
I also post round ups if you have a look at the frontpage. There are so many stuff on the web being published at varying times its hard to post all in one go. If its fresh off the oven, I post it! Roundups are a colection of not so fresh news/reviews.
I post every 4-5 hrs, and that means sometime other members have posted stuff. That would mean my roundup post would be below those posts and I feel that ppl would miss the *updated* version because they would think its what they have seen it before. (insecure ..i know :P )
Some reviews/articles really do deserve a post of its own with some quote from the article. So thats why it seems like a lot of post. I do try to do roundups but, sometimes a bit of a quote is needed methinks.



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