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Default Re: AMD To Release GPU Specifications Without NDA!

At least those developers get job done properly. On third computer, I installed latest pre-release of Xorg 7.3 and tried again my radeon 9250, which was a catastrophe under linux (before). It works like a charm now!
Video playback, 3d accel, supend2ram or suspend2disk (didn't work with gf2mx64 with binary driver), even Unreal tournament keeps fps steady at 85. Yes, on gf2mx was also playable, but on messy scenes was a bit... choppy.
Also using linux all these years and watching development of free software, I can say that issues gets fixed fast. What was not working a week ago, it is mostly probable that it does in new release. This I cannot say for proprietary software, take a look at nvidia drivers. They are "ok", but black window bug is almost one year old (or more?). Suspend still doesn't work for me...
I'm sure that opening specs would increase drivers quality. And at the end, why it would all depend on free developers? As I'm aware companies like AMD, Intel... are contributing to drivers themselves too.
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